Terms and Conditions

75 Cabinets proudly brings you a wide variety of cabinetry that focuses on both quality and value for your home or project. 75 Cabinets (hereinafter also referred to as "We") take pride in the styles and construction of all the lines that we offer. It is with this in mind that we would like to emphasize our terms and conditions to make your remodeling experience as thorough and understandable as possible.

Natural Characteristics of Wood: One of the first things we would like to bring to your attention is some of the natural and inherent characteristics of wood products that will create the unique look to each completed project. Wood, being a product of nature, has many variations that give each cabinet its own unique appeal. Cabinets are made up from many parts of different trees. Each part may accept stains differently causing a natural variation that create the finished product. Variations in grain as well as the natural occurrence of mineral deposits, pin holes and sap streaks should be expected. In addition, wood is also impacted by the environment in which it resides. Elements such as temperature fluctuations and exposure to natural light contribute to the continuous impact on wood. As temperatures vary wood will expand and contract causing the appearance of small visible lines at the mitered seams particularly on doors with painted finishes. This is natural and does not compromise the joint or the finish of the cabinetry. Also, the level and consistency of natural light will contribute to the darkening of some cabinetry.

Countertops: Granite/Marble is a natural stone product and may include color variations which are not considered defects. We recommend regularly sealing your tops to protect against its porous nature that makes it susceptible to stains.

Dimension and Designs: Our experienced designers are here to assist you with whatever construction project that you are planning for. We at 75 cabinets are happy to make suggestions but remember the customer always has the ultimate decision in style, colors, design etc. They are here to walk you through the process or work in conjunction with your contractor. If you need assistance with measurement your designer is available to come to the site and measure. A fee of $100 is due at the time of their arrival and is for a one time measurement consultation. This is a nonrefundable fee but will be credited to your purchase if you decide to place an order with us. Please make sure that your invoice displays this credit before you pay in full. 75 Cabinets can only be responsible for the measurements as they are taken during the current condition of the site the day of the visit and appliances provided; changes such as framing or drywall after the field measurement are the responsibility of the customer (plumbing, windows, etc may need to be moved based off of what the customer provides to the designer and are not the responsibility of 75 cabinets) or additional visits may result in an additional fee (which will not be credited upon ordering). If a customer supplies his/her own dimensions they are accountable for any errors in measurement if the cabinetry designed to those dimensions does not fit. Likewise, if a designer supplies dimensions and the calculations in the design are inaccurate resulting in the design not working based off of measurements it is the responsibility of 75 Cabinets to rework the design (this does not include items that the customer does not care for about cosmetically once they have it in their home, ie molding, symmetry, drawer space, ect. or the customer placing items in different locations then the design calls for).

Orders and Invoices: When your design is complete, we will be happy to process the order once your invoice is paid in full by cash, money order, or credit card, check (checks must be cleared before orders can be process, this can take up to one week, there will be a returned check fee of $50). Due to our quick turnaround, orders can only be cancelled within 24 hours from the time they are paid in full (or the day the check is written). If an order is considered rush then the 24 hour cancellation period will be forfeited.

*After the 24 hour period we do not except cancellations, returns, or exchanges.*

Each manufacturer has different ways of constructing their cabinetry, ie dovetail drawers, cam locks, screws, staples, wall oven openings etc. Please ask your designer any questions about construction before placing your order. All orders are accompanied by a component based invoice. Each item listed on the invoice is part of the overall design created with the designer. The customer is accountable for the components that they are ordering. Products that are ordered (ie additional molding ordered to compensate for miss cuts or angle cuts) are not returnable once the 24hr cancellation period has ended. All pricing and availability is subject to change without notice. All pricing and availability is not confirmed until the actual order is shipped from the manufacturer. Ordering different items at different times may result in additional delivery fees.

Backorders & Replacement Parts: At 75 Cabinets in stock is always our goal. While we strive to maintain this there are sometimes greater demand than we anticipate for certain items. Every effort and reasonable accommodation will be made to fulfill the order. However, 75 Cabinets is not responsible for additional costs associated with back orders i.e. contractor return trip fees. If the customer elects to revise a layout due to a backorder, any additional costs for the cabinetry change must be paid by the customer prior to delivery. In order to complete your project in a timely fashion, some replacement parts or small items may arrive unassembled. Additional shipping charges may apply to additional products or replacement parts. 75 Cabinets is not responsible for additional costs associated with replacement parts i.e. contractor return trip fees to reinstall any damaged or warranty items.

Delivery to Site: 75 Cabinets or a 3rd party may deliver your order curbside, place items into garage, or similar 1st floor location with the understanding that we are not responsible for any damages that may occur, ie broken branches, dirt, dings ect. The customer is responsible for supplying labor to relocate products from this drop off location. The drop off location must be easily assessable, free of obstructions and have an authorized person on site to receive the delivery. If previously mentioned conditions are not met the customer may be charged for additional time, effort or return trips required to complete the delivery i.e. additional help required, elevators, excessive distance etc. Some trucking companies ship freight. If a semi-trailer is not able to fit down your street please notify us upon ordering. Also provide the best way to get a hold of you for delivery (certain companies will only make 2 attempts to contact you which will result in the return of items and an additional reship fee and time). Note that some of our lines bring value by saving money in shipping because they arrive unassembled, check with your designer to verify how your order will arrive at your site. All countertops must be inspected for visible defects prior to installation. If there are any defects do not install the item. Claims on installed products will not be honored.

Customer Pickup: If you plan to pick up your order at 75 Cabinets we ask that you do so in a timely manner. If your order is not picked up within 3 days we will charge an additional fee to store the shipment. Please note that our store does not have warehouse and delivery associates on site so it is the customer’s responsibility to pick up their order with the labor that they require to do so safely.

Receiving Orders: Products must be inspected by the customer. We require any claims for missing or damaged product to be reported within 10 days of delivery. Claims on installed products will not be honored. Please note that our manufacturers ship from all over the country and because of this sometimes door hinges require adjustment to level doors. It is the responsibility of the installer to make these adjustments. Certain cabinets, such as corner bases and pantries, require 36” doorways or high ceilings to install or to pass through. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure what is ordered can be delivered into the location for which it will be installed.

Installations: 75 Cabinets does not have an installation division. Installation of all products purchased from 75 Cabinets is the responsibility of the contractor with whom the customer contracts to perform the work. Under no circumstances is the delivery driver or any personnel of 75 Cabinets under obligation to install or construct any part of the order. Some designs require cabinets to be retrofitted or modified in the field i.e. farm sinks, oven cabinet cut outs, plumbing access cut outs, trash cabinet components etc. Ask your designer how these items impact your design. Every customer’s satisfaction is our primary goal we are here to answer any questions that fall under our areas of expertise. 75 Cabinets or manufacturer cannot be responsible for any products that are damaged through misuse or mistakes in installations.

Warranty: Each manufacturer has their own warranty associated with their products. If you have any questions in regards to this please ask your designer for a detailed certificate of warranty.

Thank you for choosing 75 Cabinets, we hope to assist you on your next project and welcome all referrals from your friends and family!